Distressed Property Assistance

When the market began to slow, we were at the forefront of the industry in successfully resolving our first short sale in Wrightsville Beach in the winter of 2006. When many firms began working in the area of distressed properties, in 2008-2009, we had already successfully resolved numerous claims. We continue to stay a step ahead of the market in defending foreclosures and deficiency claims in creative ways. Our straight forward approach to resolving claims simplifies the litigation and keeps the cost within reasonable limits for our clients. We do not demand large nonrefundable retainers and instead bill clients at our normal hourly rate for distressed property claims. We are in the courts on a regular basis and provide local knowledge and experience to resolving your claim. We further bring a realistic perspective to a stressful situation, while still providing practical solutions.
Our goals:

  • Educate the client of their rights regarding the debt
  • Defend the client with experience and familiarity with those who represent the lenders
  • Identify the client’s unique situation and needs
  • Seek a best case scenario which is feasible for the individual client
  • Provide personal face to face communications for a full understanding of the issues

A partial list of possible actions/solutions:

  • Document review and inventory to identify errors
  • Asset assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk aversion prior to default of debt
  • Analysis of feasible workout options
  • Frank discussions and negotiations with familiar lender representatives
  • Short sales
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Deficiency settlement
  • Combination of deed in lieu and deficiency settlement
  • Analysis of feasible workout options
  • Forbearance agreements
  • Foreclosure hearings
  • Deficiency litigation defense
  • Guarantor litigation defenses
  • Referral to a bankruptcy attorney

We urge you to hire an attorney that is willing to litigate your claim should other solutions become unachievable. Why wait for the referral, when you can start with the right attorneys.

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