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You don’t need extreme wealth to benefit from good Estate Planning; Nor are Wills and Trusts only for the elderly. Unfortunately we never know what might happen tomorrow. As such, it is never too soon to plan for what will happen when you are gone. Are your children protected? Are your loved ones protected? Estate planning doesn’t just deal with who you leave your financial and property to, nor is it written to work for today only. Finally, your estate planning might not include a Will or Trust at all, but shouldn’t you know what will happen when you pass? Are the statutory provisions sufficient enough to provide results that you seek? That is why we suggest that you seek the advice of an experienced attorney to assist you in your planning for the future.

If you have a wife, children, others that depend on you, a home, personal property, or savings, then you have a responsibility to protect your loved ones. Now is the time to create a plan that can grow with you. It is easy to understand why you might hesitate to think about your own mortality, but consider the alternative.

Imagine your loved ones, in court, in the midst of dealing with their grief and having to ask the court for an allowance to pay the light bill. This can happen if you’re not prepared. Whether you are just starting your family or you’ve been divorced and remarried, you can plan for an estate that will grow with you and your wealth, and that will make sure your wishes are carried out in the future.

You should further protect yourself should you become incapacitated. From power of attorney, to living wills, these are typical documents that are drafted at the last minute, or sometimes it’s too late. Don’t strain yourself. Make sure that you are the one that decides who controls your future.

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